ATLANTA - Two years ago, the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) of North America introduced its Passport program at the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair.

Much has transpired in the two years since, as Scott Nelson, president of the WCA, explains in this video. The WCA professional credentialing program now has 57 evaluators in 32 states and one province.

With WCA recently adopted formally by Kentucky, with North Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, Maine and New Hampshire moving toward a similar adoption in the near future. “This means students can get out of their high school having attained the first level of credential in the five-level WCA system,” says Nelson. With California and Nevada also expressing interest, "We should have 500 passport holders by this time next year.”

WCA also works closely with WoodLINKS USA, says Stevens.

“WoodLINKS is the educational arm that we use. They are our partners. We have given their teachers a scholarship so they can get training they need to become WCA evaluators. Out of the 57 WCA evaluators, 23 of them are WoodLINKS teachers," Steven says. Learn more at

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