CHICAGO - Wood manufacturing has recovered in tandem with the housing market, says a study by employment website CareerBuilder, driving employment gains in furniture manufacturing, building materials and home center retailing.  

HOUSING JOB CREATION Mortgage, Loan Brokers
   • Added 19,317 jobs since 2011, 30% growth
84,759 people currently employed
Home Centers and Other Home Furnishing Stores
Added 23,849 jobs since 2011, 3% growth
823,496 people currently employed
Building Materials Dealers
Added 11,305 jobs since 2011, 4% growth
317,987 people currently employed
Hardware, Paint and Wallpaper Stores
Added 4,062 jobs since 2011, 2 percent growth
184,017 people currently employed
Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing
Added 1,828 jobs since 2011, 4% growth
53,838 people currently employed

With overall employment up, the housing market grew. But so did upholstered furniture manufacturing, says CareerBuilder, with 4% job growth since 2011, adding a net 1,828 jobs. 

"Several industry segments closely tied to the housing sector have experienced encouraging job growth over the last 12 to 18 months as home prices and sales inch up," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.  "We're seeing signs of a rebound in everything from construction and mortgage banking to home furnishing stores."  

At the CareerBuilder job site, a search for "cabinetry" positions turns up 272 help wanted listings, 48 under manufacturing, and 158 under skilled labor trades. Elkay turns up with 19 openings, Masco with 17. Wilke Window & Door, Belleville, IL, seeks a millwork purchasing agent and a window and a door assembler. 

Since 2011, the U.S. has added more than 187,000 construction jobs, an increase 2%, with 7,794,077 people currently employed in construction, accroding to CareerBuilder. Another 59,000  housing supply chain jobs have been added, among them building materials dealers recorded 4% growth, adding 11,305 jobs during the period. 



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