WASHINGTON, DC - Spencer Organ Company owner Joseph Rotella will make a high-profile appearance on Capitol Hill tomorrow morning, joining U.S. Rep. Van Hollen (D-MD) at press conference to call for tax reform.

Rotella, along with several other small businesses, has joined a coalition of advocacy groups pressing for tax code revisions, asking for changes that they say are harmless to small businesses, while benefiting consumers - including their employees. The groups have also urged the U.S. Senate enact a “Buffett Rule” by passing the Paying a Fair Share Act (S. 2230) now before the chamber.

Wood Products Firm Calls for End to Tax Havens Based in Spencer, MA, Spencer Organ Company specializes in organ rebuilding, renovation and maintenance. It also manufactures organ parts, including consoles, wood pipes and other components to the trade and for other organ renovators.

Rotella will appear at 10 a.m. on April 12 as the U.S. Public Interest Research Group unveils a study of tax payments by U.S. corporations headquartered offshore. Called “Picking Up the Tab: Average Citizens and Small Businesses Pay the Price for Offshore Tax Havens," the study is expected to reveal the impact corporate tax avoidance schemes have on tax liabilities for small businesses and individuals. The groups contend that small businesses pick up the tab for large corporations.

"Tax cuts that lead to cuts in important infrastructure and public services hurt my business, my employees and the communities we live in," Rotella said in a recent op-ed article in the Washington Post. "There’s nothing sensible about giving big corporations tax breaks while our infrastructure becomes increasingly unreliable, unsafe and outdated."

Rotella received a music degree from Boston University in 1992, where he apprenticed with renowned Boston organ restorer Nelson Barden. Spencer Organ Company was formed in 1995, handling restoration for organ owners and for organ builders that prefer to outsource restoration work.

Rotella is a member of Business for Shared Prosperity, a network of business owners and executives progressives pressing for tax reform. BSP in turn is a member of  the American Sustainable Business Council. which says it represents 100,000 companies and 200,000 business leaders.

called “Picking Up the Tab: Average Citizens and Small Businesses Pay the Price for Offshore Tax Havens," and discuss the impact of corporate tax dodging. The report reveals how costly corporate tax avoidance is by calculating how much ordinary taxpayers and small businesses would have to pay to close the gap.

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