Sergei Bobkov has created detailed sculptures out of Siberian wood-chips.

As reported by Reuter's, many of his sculptures are of wildlife creatures including squirrels, owls and eagles. Each piece represents life as the animals portrayed are doing things he sees in the wild.

A resident of Kozhany, Russia, Bobkov has patented his very own technique. He creates about 100-150 chips a single cedar stick. He then soaks them in water for days. Finally, he carves the pieces into the shapes he needs for the artwork using a very steady hand.

Only 11 wood-chip sculptures have been made to date. Just one of these sculptures takes 10-12 hours a day for about six months to complete.

He studies the anatomy of the animals he sculpts for months before starting on the artwork.

He was offered $17,000 for one of his pieces but Sergei’s Bobkov declined because they are simply not for sale.

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