West Virginia Furniture Company Focuses on Local Producers
February 10, 2014 | 12:09 pm CST
Gat Creek_Thumb.png

West Virginia Furniture Company Focuses on Local ProducersMORGANTOWN, WV - Chuck's Furniture has added Berkeley Springs-based company Gat Creek to its showroom of quality, American-made furniture. 

With concern for the economy and the American worker, Chuck's Furniture places a priority on domestic craftsmanship, including Amish-made bedroom suites, Norwalk upholstery from Ohio, and selections from the numerous companies still manufacturing in North Carolina. The company is especially proud of supporting West Virginia businesses.

James Prutilpac, Chuck's grandson, believes locally crafted products are good for the company, the state, and the customers.

"It's a company that West Virginians can be proud of.” Prutilpac says. “Woodworkers at Gat Creek manufacture a product that requires a very high skill level. These are good paying jobs for people that might never have developed this skill set."

Gat Creek also sources lumber from the Appalachian region, with the hope of creating a chain of jobs throughout the region. The company emphasizes sustainable practices and received the Sage Award in 2012 for working to ensure that West Virginia forests will continue to be important for generations.

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