LAS VEGAS - At KBIS 2014, Wellborn Cabinet showed many more colors and finishes to reflect consumer deisgn trends, and announced it is adding more of its current paints and paints with glazes to its MDF door styles in its price-conscious Premier Series.

Last November, Wellborn Cabinets announced its intentions with new finish options to be available beginning March 2014.  At KBIS these and other new variations were one display. Colors and finish techniques reflect major cabinetry finish design trends, some that are almost diametrically opposed.

For instance, cabinetry is stained or painted with grey, or washed finishes - with a room setting sometimes punctuated by a single cabinet area in a bright color. All these different finishing styles, which can coexist in a single houshold or room design, were seen throughout KBIS 2014 cabinetry displays.

Wellborn also announce its first-ever color palette program, ColorScapes™. An individualized finish on new cabinetry. Wellborn says its own highly trained color masters will create any color specified in its  standard paint finish using the Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, or Valspar color decks. Available on  its Maple and MDF door styles, ColorScapes is offered in the Estate Custom Collection and the Elegant Bath Collection.

Wellborn also will begin offering a Brush Finish technique of hand-applied glazewith a subtle brush stroke. This coating overlays the cabinetry paint, providing a depth to the finish. All glazing is inconsistent, providing individual character to each part and piece it is applied to. A Brush Finish is created by a hand brushed technique applied to a contrasting opaque base color to look like a brush painted finish.

Begining October 2014, Brush will be available in a very light, tan color, Fawn; and in five current colors: Glacier, Divinity, Crème, Vanilla, and Pebble. Here are some of the other color systems presented by Wellborn at KBIS 2014:

Blush a brown, red tone on Maple and Character Maple that reflects a cherry appearance. This finish is available with Charcoal or Java glazes, adding an extra detailed touch; in Maple in Wellborn Select Series and on Wellborn Closets. Blush will also available in Maple and Character Maple in the Wellborn Premier Series, Elegant Bath Collection, Estate Custom Collection, and Wellborn Closets.

Dove Wellborn says this color responds to several trends, including the many shades of grey. The new finish Dove is a light grey paint. A counterpart to its Willow finish (a mid-tone grey launched in the summer 2013), Dove will provide more subtle appearance to the growing trend.

Garnet Wellborn adds to its already expansive collection a new, deep, red finish available on Cherry and Character Cherry.

Unfinished Option Wellborn Cabinets has expanded the availability of its unfinished option to its Select Series. It wa previously available on its Premier Series, Elegant Bath Collection, Wellborn Closets and Estate Custom Collection.

Premier Series of Wellborn, Elegant Bath Collection, Wellborn Closets and Estate Custom Collection - See more at:

Cloud, as its name suggests, is soft and light translucent stain. It is available with a Slate or Sugar glaze to addbring up detail. 

Drift is a finish that pulls color while allowing visibility of the wood detail in the cabinetry.

On its price-conscious MDF cabinet line, Wellborn said at KBIS today that it is adding even more of its current paints and paints with glazes to the price conscious MDF door styles in the Premier Series.

These Belmont and Hartford door styles were both already available in seven paints and paints with glazes. Customers can now choose from 14 more paints, and paints with glazes, in addition to its current offerings, Wellborn says.

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