DELRAY BEACH, FL - A high-profile awards breakfast kicked off the formal opening of WIC 2012, the annual wood industry machinery manufacturers, distributors and suppliers conference. The annual Ralph B. Baldwin Award was presented to Tom Onsrud, CEO of C.R. Onsrud. Three generations of the Onsrud family were present for the ceremony, including Charlie Onsrud, company founder, who was also a recipient of the Baldwin Award in 1998.

WMIA Wooden Globe awards were presented in three categories: Innovator of the Year, Educator of the Year, and Commitment to Excellence through Technology. The Wood Machinery Industry Association (WMIA)’s awardees included Dick Pyle, president of Northland Forest Products, who received the Commitment to Excellence through Technology Wooden Globe for the computer integration of Northlands' highly automated lumber and moulding operation. Jeff Booher, of Premier Hardwood, Syracuse, NY, whose flight was delayed, received the Wooden Globe Innovator award at a banquet this evening.

In a departure from most years, the Educator Wooden Globe was given to a corporation: Blum. The U.S. operations of this Austrian-based manufacturer of functional and decorative hardware and other components for wood products was cited for its student internship and apprenticeship program, coordinated with local schools and other area manufacturers.

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