PRINCETON, WV -- The Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) has scheduled three one-day programs for the wood products industry to take place during the first half of 2012.

All three programs will be held at WERC's facility in Princeton.

U.S. Wood Products Marketing Conference, March 22, is a leadership conference aimed at supporting the growth of locally made wood products. The conference will focus on discussing ideas that can be used by leaders in the public and private sectors that will support efforts in the future to grow manufacturing more wood products in the United States using U.S. hardwoods.

This leadership conference is part of Phase II of the WERC grant project “Reinventing Hardwood Markets” that is working on ideas to create demand for U,S. hardwood lumber and plywood products in the value added area of cabinets, furniture and millwork in residential and commercial markets.

Small Sawmill Business Strategies, April 5, will focus small sawmill operations looking to to generate an income from their investments in mills, dry kilns and supporting equipment. The business topics of discussion include business organization, writing a business plan, financing options, mill operations, marketing and pricing products. The discussions will also include drying options for lumber including dry kilns and how to prevent staining of lumber and other causes of degrade. Ideas on options for good layout of a small sawmill operation will be included.

The final program, New Technologies for Small Businesses, is slated for May 3. It aims to help manufacturers of cabinets, furniture and millwork to implement new technologies that will grow sales and profitability. Discussions will include lumber drying, lumber cut-up, machining, tooling, sanding, assembly, finishing, packing, 3-D modeling and product engineering.

For more information on any or all of the programs, contact Harry Wat at North Carolina State University, a sponsor of the program at or 704-880-5034. Additional information is available at




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