BERLIN  - At a Ligna 2013 press preview, equipment maker Weeke reiktereated that it sold more than 1,550 BHX 050/055 vertical machining centers in its first 1,300 days on the market - a pace of more than one a day.

"The BHX 050/055 is on its way to achieving cult status," the equipment maker says. Distributed by Stiles Machinery in the United States, BHX 055 launched in 2010, and its predecessor version the BHX 050 appeared in May 2009.

Capable of routing, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling, and groove sawing, the BHX models include the option of a 3-fold or 4-fold tool changer for faster processing times, especially if a router with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation is to being used. Their compact design makes them hilghly applicable for cell production. 

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