ONLY, TN - Valspar Wood says it has begun supplying coatings to Cumberland Products Group's newly built American OEM hardwood-flooring manufacturing line in Only, TN.

Cumberland Products Group, LLC, formed in 2013, says it is a Tennessee company that specializes in manufacturing private labeled engineered wood flooring exclusively from North American timber resources.

The newly esabished American OEM line is designed to produce 10,000 square feet of hardwood flooring per hour and delivers the flexibility to switch out finish colors in less than 10 minutes.

American OEM operation uses specialized color mixing equipment to consistently replicate colors, which it says are 99.9 percent accurate. The color equipment promotes sustainability because it reduces tint and chemical waste involved in color formulation and reproduction, even eliminating waste completely in many cases, the company says.

Valspar Wood application engineers, technicians, color formulators, and coatings chemists, reported findings and recommendations back to American OEM and from this a standard operating procedure was implemented.

"Although American OEM is a new company our manufacturing team has worked together for many years. We've worked with Valspar for more than 25 year," says American OEM CEO Don Finkell. "Valspar came in, evaluated our lines and went to work. They surveyed the current line speeds and finish parameters and immediately began working with and training our employees. Valspar's support was instrumental in getting our operation up and running."

Jim Hazen, Global Technical Director for Valspar Wood, says his firm's application engineers mapped out line configurations and equipment plans based on desired production processes, analysing line speed, temperatures, calibration, cure parameters, coatings formulas, and color integrity, among other factors for optimizing production.

"This operation is geared for high-volume and high-style production and quick color change-outs," Hazen says. 

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