Florida-based wood manufacturer, Tiny Home Builders, is looking to capitalize on a cautious economic landscape.

Building costs are significantly lower than your standard free-standing home due to fewer materials used, such as wood and wiring, coupled with reduced labor expenses.

Some of these homes are smaller than most people's closets according to another tiny house producer.

“These small houses are all about independence, minimalist living, and downsizing,” General Manager at Tiny House Builders Bob Johnson says. “While bigger may be better for some, smaller houses with their miniscule operating costs, and flexibility as to where they can be located far outweigh the pure size issues for many Tiny House dwellers.”

Founded in 2009, the company provides building plans and “pre-built shells” for compact mobile homes that range up to 20 feet in length.

The company’s focus is on the ‘less is more mentality’ while trying to reduce consumption of natural resources, Johnson outlines.

The homes include an entryway, sleeping corridor along with basic kitchen and bathroom amenities.

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