EVERETT, WA - Technology for a backlit vanity mirror with with a TV that is invisible until it is turned on won two patents for Electric Mirror. The application took years to make their way through the US Patent Office.TV Embedded in Vanity Mirror Wins a Patent

This type of video mirror technology was seen at Masco's Ryvyr vanity cabinetry exhibit at KBIS 2015. 

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Electric Mirror patents US 8,880,360 and US 8,009,247 for its invention of Lighted Mirror TVs, which can be used in framed room mirrors above dressers and sideboards, and other areas of the home.

TV Embedded in Vanity Mirror Wins a PatentThe patents officially titled "Mirror with Media Display Device" and "Backlit Mirror with Media Display Device" took years to make their way through the US Patent Office. Both are part of a family of utility patents for mirror TV and lighted mirror TV technology whose priority date reaches back almost a decade.

 Electric Mirror, which employs 300 producing the mirrors in the U.S., says its design and engineering team first began developing mirror TV technology in the early 2000s. It also makes conventional illuminated mirrors applied to cabinets, and custom tailored mirrors.

TV Embedded in Vanity Mirror Wins a Patent"You definitely appreciate the importance of having your ideas protected after investing so much time in developing products. It's a labor of love but recognition such as this makes it worth all the effort," said Michael Uhl, Chief Research Engineer.

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