FORT COLLINS, CO -  Summit Cabinet Coatings says its cabinet refinishing process offers homeowners a lower cost and less intrusive option for remodeling.

The company promotes its service at local home shows such as the Northern Colorado Fall Home & Decorating Show, a weekend event at the end of last month in an exhibition hall in Loveland, CO.

"We were very busy showing attendees our process and how we can create the kitchen of their dreams out of the one they already have," says Jen Worden, owner of Summit Cabinet Coatings, based in For Collins, CO.

Summit Cabinet Coatings' services include resurfacing and/or refinishing kitchen cabinets.  Refinishing is the lower price-point service, requiring five days or less, with three of the days spent in the client's home.

"One key thing that trade show attendees love to hear is that they do not have to move out of their home or move things out of the kitchen during the refinishing cabinets process," says Worden. The process involves:

• All existing cabinet doors and drawers are removed from their frames and taken to the shop.

• Kitchen cabinets and door fronts are washed, sanded, primed, repaired of cracks and blemishes, and any gaps are caulked.

• Each piece receives 2-3 coats of a commercial grade acrylic coating which is applied in a contaminate-free spray booth.

• After the final coat of acrylic or glaze is applied, another coat of clear, protective polyurethane is also applied.

During the process, three days are spent in the actual kitchen to coat the frames. This process involves washing, wet-sanding and taping off the kitchen then repairing, and caulking. Once the frames are ready, the primer, acrylic, and clear protective polyurethane coats are also applied to all frame surfaces including the inner and underside lips of the frames, toe-kicks, side panels, and crown molding.

Once all frame surfaces and cabinet drawers and fronts are complete, Summit reinstalls everything and also installs new knobs and pulls to complete the look.

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