GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Steelcase, Inc. rebranded its healthcare division from "Nurture by Steelcase" to "Steelcase Health,” and its education business from "Steelcase Education Solutions" to "Steelcase Education," in an effort to increase the company’s brand identity across the multiple industries it serves.

Steelcase Health aims to help healthcare organizations address high-priority issues including cost management, revenue generation, health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Steelcase Education will provide insights and solutions for the classrooms that “carefully considers and intentionally designs for the intersection of pedagogy, technology and space.”

Steelcase offers a comprehensive portfolio of architecture, furniture and technology products and services. With the healthcare and education industries in a period of constant and rapid change, company officials indicated the rebranding is a sign of confidence as healthcare shifts from a volume-based industry to a value-based industry and learning styles are shifting from passive to active in the education field. Officials said Steelcase is in a unique position to help leading organizations “understand how the places where people come together - for work, for learning and for health - can improve the experiences, wellbeing and outcomes of everyone involve.”

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