LOS ANGELES and BETHESDA, MD - Steelcase Inc. is collaborating with Marriott Hotels & Resorts to design, create and test concepts and solutions for the future of work and meetings in hotels.

Steelcase, Marriott Study 'Future of Work' on the RoadIDEO, a global design and innovation consultancy, is the third partner of the project that involves mobile technology as a springboard to envision the future of work on the road. The collaboration was announced this week at the Marriott Hotels & Resorts Global General Manager Conference in Los Angeles.

"By 2013, almost 35 percent of the global workforce will work without an office," said Paul Cahill, senior vice president, brand management, Marriott Hotels & Resorts. "We are designing hotels for a new generation that is used to working how, where and often times whenever they want." 

"Marriott Hotels & Resorts is the  leader in hospitality, and no one understands the changing nature of work better than Steelcase. Together, along with IDEO, we are excited to collaborate on the Future of Work, a working innovation lab designed to create solutions that innovate, elevate and evolve the hotel work experience."

The Future of Work Innovation Co-Labs at the Marriott General Mangers Conference showcases 10 prototypes that create new technology, space, and service experiences for meetings and work performed by an individual alone or in groups.

"People need environments that help them innovate and inspire them to do great work," said Mark Greiner, chief experience officer, Steelcase. "With business executives working remotely more frequently, work has to go where they go.  By bringing choice and control to a hosted-meeting environment, Steelcase, Marriott Hotels & Resorts and IDEO are delivering an unparalleled proposition for today and tomorrow's global worker."

"Today's work is more global and more social, and a new generation of workers demand and expect solutions that enable them to be untethered and collaborative," Marriott stated in a press release. "With the first phase of this collaboration under way, Marriott Hotels & Resorts demonstrates its deep commitment to re-imagining hospitality for a new generation of global travelers."

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