SourceCut Industries, a high-volume producer of architectural wood products such as acoustic panels and ceiling grids, celebrated its 15-year anniversary on Friday with an open house showcase of its 68,000 square-foot facility.

The company initially began producing custom casegoods and panels, along with vinyl-wrapped wood components, which helped to grow the workforce to a current size of 90 employees.

Owner Brad Wiedenhoeft attributes the growth to following the demand for high-volume architectural orders. 

“When I had a customer that would commit to me," Brad Says, "I would invest in that equipment with the idea that we could leverage it into other products.”

Equipment in the facility includes a Wemhöner vacuum press, Giben Gamma and Fastmatic panel saws, a Düspohl profile wrapper, a Heesman precision sander, three CNC routers including a Homag BOF 311, and custom-engineered machinery which helps SourceCut provide specialty products such as profile-wrapped molding.

Sourcecut accomodates high-volume orders of ceiling panels, wall systems, and moldings which range between 450 - 20,000 square feet.

The company also produces custom cabinets and casegoods. The focus on architectural products, Wiedenhoeft says, has allowed the company to grow in both markets. He plans to continue expanding with custom and architectural orders, while also working local schools to support shop classes and develop craftsmanship. 

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