MENDOTA, IL - A new membrane laminating press technology, the 3D-SmartPress, was introduced by Black Bros. at its 3D Forum today. The press is automated with newly developed SmartPin Technology.

Nearly 90 visitors were on hand at Black Bros.' Mendota, IL headquarters, about two hours outside Chicago, as part of a two-day technology education event.

The Black Bros. 3D-SmartPress (a slide show details membrane press technology) can be specified in a basic format, with a manual tray, a chain-driven tray, or twin trays that shuttle through the press pendulum-style.

When automated with SmartPin Technology, pins in the bed of the press are configured automatically to match the contours of the item being laminated, based on a scan of the workpieces in process. This lends itself to automating lamination of organic shapes, glass door frames, cut-outs, and other non-standard part shapes. The automated pin setting allows the operator greater flexibility in supporting the component during lamination, which in turn helps reduce failures.

The SmartPin System also allows the operator to manually drop pins, if needed, by  twisting the pin body. The SmartTray system on the press also allows for two different pin heights in the same press. 

An evening reception dinner was held Wednesday night for early arrivers for today's live demonstrations and open discussions facilitated by experts in adhesives, films and substrates industries. Live demonstrations were made by Black Bros.' technicians, of the 3D-SmartPress, and of the Almex 3D ThermoLaminator technology, now in use at Leedo Manufacturing.

On Friday scheduled trial runs of products will be conducted for manufacturers in attendance.

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