Sierra Club Adds Award-Winning Producer Marc Weiss to Board
January 16, 2013 | 4:10 pm UTC
Sierra Club Adds Award-Winning Producer Marc Weiss to Board

Sierra Club Adds Award-Winning Producer Marc Weiss to BoardSAN FRANCISCO – PBS award-winning producer and climate activist Marc Weiss has joined the board of directors for the Sierra Club Foundation.

According to the Sierra Club, Weiss will be active on several committees plus serve as an adviser on initiatives. He will take a lead role on the Sierra Club's Obama Climate Legacy Project, which the group says is a "100-day action plan designed to encourage President Obama to lead on climate in his second term."

Leading projects is nothing new for Weiss. He created the documentary series POV and is the executive producer of the environmental picture “A Fierce Green Fire,” scheduled to open in March. He is also the founder of Web Lab, which uses online media to explore public issues.

“Marc is a doer and brings a unique skill set to the Foundation,” Executive Director Peter Martin said in a statement. “As a filmmaker, journalist, organizer, innovator and activist, his energy and passion engaging people on social issues is exactly what the Foundation needs as we continue to preserve the natural and human environment and move towards a clean energy future.”

Weiss added, “As the father of two teenagers, I feel an incredible sense of urgency to reverse the climate crisis that threatens the future of their generation. “I’m excited to shift my focus and help build a movement that can force change at the scale required to reverse the course we’re on.”

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