DALLAS –Nix Forest Industries was cited for 17 safety and health violations by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration related to the death of a worker at the sawmill last December.

Sawmill Fined $116,200 in Worker's DeathThe cut-to-size lumber operation faces pproposed penalties totaling $116,200.

Augustine Ramirez, 58, an employee of the sawmill died from injuries he sustained when a bandsaw blade came apart and struck Ramirez in the head, causing severe trauma, according to CBC radio.

OSHA's investigation of the accident resulted in writing up 17 safety violations, including one willful violation for failing to use control procedures for hazardous energy when cleaning, removing debris and un-jamming equipment and machinery.

Nix Forest was also cited for 14 serious safety violations, including:

  • Failing to provide easily understood lockout/tagout training for energy control;

  • Failing to certify that energy control training was completed and current and failing to ensure that tag-out devices were affixed to clearly indicate the operation or movement of an energy isolating device;

  • Failing to guard machines; and

  • Failing to administer an effective hearing conservation program for workers exposed to occupational noise.

In reporting Ramirez's death last December, CBC said that Nix officials told local police that this was the only injury-related death the plant sawmill had experienced in its 80-year history.




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