LOS ANGELES, CA – Business furniture entrepreneur Stirworks, Inc. has developed adjustable stand-up desks with surfaces of powder coated MDF, motorized metal stand, and Blue Tooth and other electronics.

Bypassing traditional office furniture sales models, Stirworks says it is capable of large-scale deployment of its Stir F1 and M1 models to consumer and business sales channels.

Stir Kinetic Desk is also a deft user of social media marketing and careful product placement to market its desks. The privately-held firm's flagship Stir Kinetic F1 Desk was launched in late 2013 and was named to the Popular Science “100 Greatest Innovations of 2014," Interior Design’s HiP award, andEntrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies.”  It was also awarded “Human Interface Product of the Year” at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas las month.

The F1 sells for Z$4190; the M1 for $2190. It is CNC-machined for a seamless finish then powder coated over engineered wood. The original F1 was offered in “Blacked out” or white finishes; now the palette has been expanded. Motorized legs that move the desk through it’s range, and have been tested to 30 years of equivalent life.

"We really are changing the way people work," says JP Labrosse, CEO and founder of Stirworks, Inc. “On average, Stir Kinetic Desk users stand for half their day, and 95% of our users move every day. This is a massive change, especially when compared with push-button and other manually height-adjustable desks."

The flagship executive model F1 is rectangular in shape. The newly introduced Stir Kinetic Desk M1 offers curvy design. It measures 30 inches wide by 60 inches high. "The new M1 expands the Stir experience beyond the home and corner office, ready for full-office installations from 10 to 10,000 desks," says Stirworks. 

Both desks F1 are height-adjustable driven by software that senses the user's presence, learns and adapts to those preferences, links to Fitbit and other health-monitoring wrist bands. It also lets users to set goals, and actively reminds them to change positions as they work. The Stir Kinetic Desks move between user-selected heights with a double tap on an embedded touchscreen and remind with a periodic, gentle 1-inch rise and fall of the desk surface.

Both models feature upgraded electronics with a processor that is 4x faster and more storage capacity, a brighter 5” LCD touchscreen. Five-finger, multi-touch support has also been added, enabling enhanced support for gesture-based interactions. Electronics design includes a Single Board Computer housed in a removable electronics enclosure making the desk upgradable in the field.

Aimed also at consumers, the new Stir Kinetic Desk M1 has a gently sloped front edge and accommodates most monitor arms, keyboard trays and task lamps. Power cable cutouts offer cord management designed to keep the desk surface clean and clutter-free. The new M1 is  and can be quickly assembled by two people using the eight (8) provided screws and a single hex wrench.

For large-scale installations, M1 is available in a rectangular shape in three sizes and edge types; though it can be manufactured with nearly any work surface, finish or customer originated material.

The new Stir Kinetic Desk line also comes with a cloud-based architecture. This allows for transferrable user data that can “travel” with workers as they move between desks within a company network, or around the world. Leveraging low-energy Bluetooth devices like Fitbit, the desk recognizes and can identify one user from another. Cloud architecture will provide the platform for more integrations and expanded features in the future, with Android and iOS compatibility currently in development.

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