The hardwood plywood antidumping court action, a blog on wood products clusters and Cardell Cabinetry's collapse are among stories to which Woodworking Network readers posted comments this past week.

Hardwood Plywood Antidumping CoalitionHardwood Plywood Group Goes to Court on ITC China Dumping
Woodworking Network sent out a breaking news alert Thursday, Jan. 23, reporting that the a group of U.S. hardwood plywood manufacturers had initiated an appeal of the International Trade Commission’s ruling against the antidumping petition it had filed seeking trade relief against Chinese competitors. A reader, making it clear that he was on the importers side of the debate, sparked the following exchange with Woodworking Network Editorial Director Bill Esler.

I hate to be picky on this subject, but since your title changed and seems more aggressive then earlier today using the word "sue" instead of "appeal", I feel I should share that the coalition just sent the paper work in for what would be a summons, not an appeal. So your heading is wrong on this and you should contact someone from the coalition to redo this blog and especially the heading. I am on the side of the importers, so to me this is great to make them look worse on this subject, but this is very misleading information. They did not appeal YET. What happened last Friday was just a summons on the matter, which leaves the door open for them to keep this alive in case they need to take more action. Did you not contact the parties involved? for quotes, and you only listed 2 members, they should all have their names in this so that people know who is wishing for the consumer to double their costs of cabinets.  – posted Jan 23 by iply of Oregon

Good point: "Goes to Court" is more precise - so it's been updated - Posted Jan. 24 by Bill Esler, Editorial Director of Woodworking Network

Bluewater Wood AllianceBluewater Wood Alliance: A True Manufacturing 'Cluster' Model
The first in a series of blogs authored by Mike Baker, manager of the Bluewater Wood Alliance, characterized the coming together of Ontario wood product manufacturers and their suppliers as a “True Manufacturing Cluster.” An interested reader noted that there are a number of “potential clusters already, seemingly, in place.” If this is the case, those participating in those “potential clusters” should pay close attention to Baker’s upcoming postings.

In Canada, there are a lot of potential clusters already, seemingly, in place. The bones of them, anyway -- like areas I have worked in: SE MB and lower mainland of BC. Lots of wood manufacturers and support infrastructure - just needs organization. It is smart to cultivate clusters that can collaborate with industry associations to "ham & egg" it and deliver value for manufacturers and distributors (suppliers & equipment people too) across a broader spectrum - do things that associations could do in the days of big housing start numbers, but are more challenged to offer now. But, you can fit 119 Austrias into one Canada, so...our clusters are gonna be different. – Posted by Mitchell Toews on Jan. 21

Cardell Cabinetry Out of Business
Cardell Cabinetry’s implosion continues to generate a lot of buzz. The company closed its doors suddenly putting 900 people out of work in September and three months later its assets were sold at auction.  Earlier this month, Cardell Cabinetry's receiver is suing several companies to recover millions of dollars in overdue payments owed the shuttered cabinet manufacturer. The comment below is the 20th posted to the Sept. 10, 2013 report by Wood Products Editor-in-Chief Karen Koenig

In 2010 H.I.G. Capital acquired a significant equity stake in the company. This seems like a key part of the problem. These folks are not out to make a better product, if they can make more money by ripping off customers and then going bankrupt. Seems like the company must have been doing alright before this acquisition, though I'm not sure from others' comments whether quality had been poor for a while. Lots of harm to enrich a few.  – posted by Greg of San Antonio, TX, on Jan. 21

St. Louis Stairs & MillworkSt. Louis Stair and Wood Work - Building A Reputation One Step at a Time
“Satisfied Customer” tracked down a 1999 case study on St. Louis Stair & Wood Works contained in our extensive online archives to let others know about her great experience working with the company on a stairs renovation project.  

St. Louis Stair & Wood Works just completed a reworking of our 1970's stair railing. Dennis paid attention to important details and finished the job nicely. We are quite satisfied with the outcome. Mary Jo was very professional and took much consideration of our personal style and preferences during the planning and ordering phase. Thanks for a great job! – Posted by Satisfied Customer on Jan. 22

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