PARIS - High-performance automaker Peugeot has teamed up with French piano maker Pleyel to create what the duo calls "a revolutionary piano that has turned the codes of the world of music upside-down."

The partnership of the two two-century-old companies began two years ago when a member of Peugeot Design Lab team, who plays piano, suggested that Peugeot and Pleyel collaborate on the unique project. The goal was to marry Peugeot's contemporary design aesthetic with Pleyel's sound quality to create the baby grand piano fo tomorrow.

The piano project brought together designers, engineers and acousticians from both Peugeot and Pleyel.

The result, unveiled at the Paris Auto Show last month, is an ergonomic design that lowers the piano mechanism to align with the keyboard, allowing audience members to view the artist playing from any angle.T

The piano body and soundboard are made of wood - Pleyel traditionally uses Italian red spruce on its pianos. In addition, the traditional use of three legs to support the piano have been replaced by a single cantilevered leg made with a carbon fiber, drawing on the architectural appeal of an exquisitely-elegant suspended bridge. The same carbon fiber is also used for the top of the piano.

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