EAGLE, ID - SILPRO, a new company serving the building trade, announced that Pasquier Panel Products of Sumner, WA, is the company's first licensee to fabricate/market its patented I CHOICE product line.

Pasquier, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary in business, specialized in custom fabrication of plywood, particleboard, hardboard, MDF, OSB and LVL.

Pasquier Panel Is First I CHOICE LicenseeComer Brown, president of SILPRO, said he is actively seeking additional licensees. Brown, an industry veteran who headed up marketing for Boise Cascade, said I CHOICE "will revolutionize the methodology of wood I-joist installation and floor assembly connections in the building industry." He said the pre-assembled wood components are designed around "builder-friendly" concepts to simplify installation. Each of the five I CHOICE products uses "visual logic" to reduce the potential of error in their placement and positioning, Brown added.

The I CHOICE product line includes: 

Rim Board, a pre-machined modular receptacles spaced at 16 inches, 19.2 inches or 24 inches OC. They are OC shaped to conform to the end cross-section of a specific I-joist to facilitate proper positioning and vertical alignment;

Insulation Panel, a modular pre-assembled combination of OSB and poly-foam insulation shaped to fit between two I-joists installed in tandem with I-joists. The simultaneous installation with I-joist reduces the need for crawl space entry;

Blocking Insulation Panel, a pre-fabricated, multi-functional panel designed to provide extra vertical load capacity, ease of installation of 19.2-inch I-joist spacing and is designed primarily for exterior basement insulation in the floor assembly;

Support Block, a multi-purpose component designed to support high vertical loads and a connecting devise for sub-fascia and Rim Board on cantilevered I-joists and rafters; and

Blocking Panel,a pre-designed structural panel for use to bridge and connect horizontal I-joists, Rim boards, baffles and extra load carrying supports on multi-story structures.

For more information, visit ICHOICEUSA.com

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