FONTANA, CA - Fontana Wholesale Lumber in Fontana, California says it completed a six-month field trial with Southern California Gas Co. using ultra low-emission control technology for natural gas-powered engines.

Lumber FIrm Tests Low-Emission Kiln-Power SystemFontana Wholesale Lumber produces nearly 100 percent of its electricity on site, using waste heat from a combined heat and power natural gas engine to operate kilns used to treat lumber.

Fontana offers a heat treating service for customers supplying the crating and pallet industry, applying an "HT" stamp where needed for export. Clients bring in lumber, timbers or plywood and Fontana treates it to the appropriate specifications. Please call for pricing and time allowances.

Researchers say it has been difficult for stationary gas engines to maintain long-term compliance with stringent permit limits without operator intervention. The system tested by Fontana Wholesale Lumber is a retrofit conversion kit for rich-burn engines.

Advanced control systems for this study were developed by Continental Controls Corp. of San Diego. They rely on fast-responding hardware and software to control and mix fuel and air to optimize combustion. Advanced air emissions sensors provide engine feedback control.

"This breakthrough low-emission control technology has strategic importance in a region where the latest emissions requirements have been lowered to unprecedented levels,"  says Hal D. Snyder, VP customer solutions at SoCalGas. The study that reduced emissions was funded in part by the California Energy Commission and SoCalGas' research and development group

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