HANNOVER, GERMANY -- LIMAB, specialists in laser measuring and scanning systems to optimize sawmill operations, has brought two major project launches to Ligna 2013, the 3D BoardProfiler and the LogProfiler.

The BoardProfiler 3D, an entirely three-dimensional inline measuring system for sawn timber, is a board scanning system for dimensional measurements and detection of defects. LIMAB says its laser profile sensor provides a more accurate and detailed analysis of the board than was previously possible. Defects such as holes, cracks and knots as small as 2 mm² can now be detected. The system, unaffected by the board movements or vibration, measures boards with high accuracy in all production speeds up to rates of 200 boards per minute. The system is Windows-based and provides the user with all measurement values required, including complete vane information, optimization of cutting for trimmers, and reject/turning before edgers. It has a modular design and can be adapted to new or existing sorting, planing or edging systems, says LIMAB.

The LogProfiler uses a secondary scanner before the log turner, which identifies the rotational position of the log by matching the surface to the original 3D model. With this method, LIMAB says it doesn’t matter if the logs have rotated on the conveyor as the LogProfiler is able to automate transfer line log rotation without the need for log marking. The system will calculate the optimum log rotation position and provide control signals to the log turning control system. The easy-to-install system is designed to result in higher production yields with a quick payback, adds LIMAB.

LIMAB has offices around the world with headquarters in Goteberg, Sweden and  operations in Pucheim, Germany. LIMAB North America is based in Charlotte, NC.



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