ASSAGO, ITALY - Italy's woodworking manufacturers say the Italian domestic market for equipment is "sleepy," and foreign markets are more dynamic, with exports dominating Italy's wood industry technology sector.

Italy's Woodworking Technology Orders PlummetItalian woodworking machinery and tools industry sales dropped by 3.7 percent in Q3 2012 compared to the same period of last year, while orders from abroad went up by 3.1 percent, not enough to compensate for a cumulative 25.2 percent reduction on the domestic market.

Acimall, the Italian wood manufacturers organization that also runs the Xylexpo trade show, says its 3rd quarter 2012 survey found the index of domestic orders is at 32, an all-time low since 2002. The situation isn't likely to improve until 2013, says Acimall: 32% of equipment makers expect foreign woodworking technology sales to grow, while 56% think Italian woodworking companies will buy less equipment over the next year.  Italy's Woodworking Technology Orders Plummet

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