Truckloads of lumber and OSB board are arriving this week.
Truckloads of lumber and OSB board are arriving this week.

NEW YORK - As part of long-term rebuilding efforts in the hurricane-ravaged Eastern Seaboard and Louisiana, World Vision is assisting families and communities hit by past year's devastating hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, supported by more than $130,000 in building materials donated by Weyerhaeuser.

"While tornado survivors in Oklahoma are in the relief phase and are currently receiving basic relief supplies, we cannot forget the families devastated by the hurricanes of 2012," said Rick Miltimore, domestic relief director for World Vision. "Those communities are in desperate need of ongoing rebuilding efforts, where we provide on-the-ground partners with building materials such as insulation, roofing and faucets, to help families rebuild their homes, their lives."

Weyerhaeuser donated three truckloads of lumber and eight truckloads of OSB for flooring and roofing this spring; the building materials are arriving at World Vision sites across the country this week. In New York, New Jersey and Louisiana, World Vision is working with local community partners, as crews load smaller trucks with house packs, each with enough OSB, lumber, siding, roofing and insulation to rebuild a 1,900 square foot home.

"We are grateful for the strong and growing partnership with Weyerhaeuser," said Jennifer Hawley, senior director for corporate engagement at World Vision. "We remain committed to working together to provide essential building materials to those in need in the aftermath of disasters, and ultimately, to our mission of tackling poverty here in the U.S."

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