ZEELAND, MI - Herman Miller Inc. says its award-winning Living Offices takes a "holistic approach to creating more natural and desirable workplaces."

Living Offices, which won Best of NeoCon Awards for overall showroom and booth design at NeoCon 2013 in Chicago, is built on how dramatically the Internet, mobile technologies and powerful seamless information networks have transformed the way work gets done - not only by teams assembled in a shared office, but by collaborators working remote in virtually any corner of the world.

Early next year, Herman Miller, which racked up approximately $1.8 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013, says it will introduce major new furniture platforms to complement Living Office settings and landscapes.

The debut of Living Offices followed more than two years of research by Herman Miller that involved hundreds of facility managers on six continents. Among the key findings, Herman Miller found a nearly universal desire among facility managers everywhere to create a work setting to "improve employee engagement."

Herman Miller believes Living Office fills the bill, saying, "Living Office helps people and organizations uniquely express and enable their shared character, activities, and purpose, promoting employee engagement, creativity, productivity, and well-being, and ultimately greater prosperity for all."

The accompanying slide show illustrates 10 primary work settings created by Herman Miller in response to its research. The company notes that each of these settings can be adapted to a company's unique needs.

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