CHICAGO - Haworth Inc., best known for contract furniture, took the top prize in the Best of NeoCon 2013 Competition for its Bluescape cloud-based collaborative software developed in partnership with Obscure Digital.

Bluescape was one of 87 products to be recognized in this year's competition sponsored by Contract magazine.

Bluescape is also the name of a new company jointly owned by Obscura Digital and Haworth as a majority owner. Bluescape has undergone real-world testing having already been installed at Haworth's headquarters in Holland, MI, its showroom in San Francisco and Obscura Digital's headquarters. Haworth added Bluescape to its Chicago showroom in time for NeoCon and plans to add it to its Houston showroom next month and other U.S. showrooms later this year.

Haworth describes Bluescape as a "turnkey solution" that offers cloud-based software and services to be accessed by multiple devices, including large-scale, high-definition, mutli-touch screens that it demonstrated in its showroom at the Merchandise Mart during NeoCon. But users that also interface and collaborate in real-time using iPads, laptops and mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world. Using Bluecape, they can create, edit, organize, display and retrieve information required to complete a team project.

Bluescape reportedly provides users 160 acres of virtual space, which converts to 146 football fields, more than enough to facilitate the creative needs of collaborators.

Highlights of Bluescape include:

  • A virtual session is always live and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere to add or change content.

  • All work is save allowing individuals or teams to review the progression of a project over time.

  • Share content includes images, Internet browsers, presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, drawinigs, videos, etc.

  • A stylus device can be used to draw or write comments similar to using a whiteboard.

“Bluescape was created to accelerate business results by enhancing innovation, strategizing, solving problems and sharing information in real time,” said Scott Poulton, CEO of Bluescape, based in San Francisco. “Through this new technology platform, decision-makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem-solving with teams and executives around the world.”









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