The Hardwood Checkoff blog by Wood Products Editor-in-Chief Karen Koenig, wood rot at actor Brad Pitt’s charity homes and, of course, Cardell Cabinetry's collapse, were among stories that received comments from Woodworking Network during the past week.

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Karen Koening wood products magazineBlog by Karen Koenig: Hardwood Checkoff Program: Is It Right for Industry?
So who is this going to benefit? A marketing company for sure! What part of the industry is going to benefit and who decides? Sounds more like someone trying to make a job for themselves. Tax or fee, the only way they go is up, what a stupid idea. It’s a little like no one wants to train apprentices but everyone complains there are no trained people to hire. Companies should promote their own industry, not rely on someone else. – Posted by Trevor, Laurier Woodcraft, Canada, on Jan. 10

Make It Right FoundationRotting Wood Prompts Rebuild of Brad Pitt's Charity NOLA Homes
Thank you for your informative article. It is not a secret that the quality of the wood supplied for construction is plummeting – it grows too fast and harvested too early – as a result in October of the 2012 Design strength values of Yellow Pine lumber were downgraded by on average 30%. The new chemical treatments do not address the structural value but even the rot resistance is weak and structures are not safe. (New chemicals are also 3 to 5 times more corrosive to fasteners.) We supply a highly sustainable and naturally durable wood for demanding outdoor applications called Siberian Larch. The Siberian Larch grows very slow for about 300-400 years. It is a naturally durable wood of the vastly superior quality and supply, it does not need any treatments and is as “green” as you can conceive. One in every five trees on the planet is Siberian Larch so it has the best environment preserving rating –“least concern.” I am sure that you are aware of the substantial costs involved in introducing even the most useful product to the new market so any help sharing this news with your audience will be greatly appreciated. As you can see it is also a beautiful wood. Posted by Leo Kogan, Stein Wood Products, Chatanooga, TN, on Jan. 7

Favorite Species: ZiricoteTrending Wood Species Styles & Finishes for Cabinets, Furniture
I agree with HMA that white oak cabinets has really be in trend know and today people are not only paying attention to cabinets but are paying to attention the type of wood used in it. – Owen Devon, Marietta, GA on Jan. 10



Bernie Bottens Blog: Using a Shading Concentrate
I am refinishing a mahogany executive desk for the CEO. I used Minwax stain, sealer, but the headers on the desk came out different colours and there is damage on the desk. I filled the damage by melting and mixing repair crayons but the repairs show. I'm hoping to use the technique you describe to take care of both problems.Thanks.  – Posted by David Haynes, North America, on Jan. 9


Blog by Denise Butchko: Universal Design Angles You Haven’t  Seen
Thanks Denise--I know when I see your name attached to a blog there will be someone or something useful and interesting. The glare factor and proper lite placement are two musts to remember to address--often there is the client and their Interior Designer working together to achieve the "look" desired in the space--and we are asked only to design the storage--these tips assure us opportunities to be the expert. – Posted by Patti Capri,Choptank Closets, llc Easton, MD, on Jan. 4

Angst in Wake of Cardell Cabinetry’s Close & More Reader Comments
Cardell's demise was not caused solely by pressure from Chinese competitors. Many bad decisions and conflicting management focus had more to do with it than that. – Posted by “Former Employee,” on Jan. 3

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