Ash moved well in FAS/1F and #1 Common, with #2 Common less robust. European markets for FAS/1F Ash weren’t as busy as they had been earlier in the year, but increased shipments to other global destinations made up the difference.Hard Maple Prices Bump Up, New Life in Red Oak

Yellow Birch remained a tough sell, especially in the upper-grades. Sellers struggled to obtain orders for FAS/1F Cherry; no matter what the color sort, buyers were just not interested. #1 and #2 Common Cherry were fair movers. Green 4/4 and 5/4 Hard Maple prices continued to bump up, though some kiln-dried prices were still under downward pressure. Soft Maple moved well, especially the Sap/Btr 4/4 FAS/1F and 4/4 #1 Common.

“We are seeing new life in Red Oak,” noted one contact, echoing several others. 4/4 FAS/1F and 4/4 #2&3A Common were best sellers for Red Oak producers. Residential flooring plants were in the market for large volumes of 4/4 #2&3A Common Red Oak and White Oak. Combined demand for 4/4 #1 Common Red Oak from domestic, Chinese and Mexican buyers barely kept pace with production, and some mills still had blocks of unsold inventory. Supply and demand for FAS/1F White Oak were balanced at relatively low levels. 4/4 and 5/4 #1 Common White Oak moved quite well to the Far East.

Poplar producers were generally selling all they could make, and many were turning away orders for 4/4 for lack of supply. Walnut prices remained under downward pressure due mostly to weak domestic demand; Walnut exports were still fairly good.

Hard Maple Prices Bump Up, New Life in Red Oak

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