DUSSELDORF, GERMANY--  A new wooden half-pallet design uses less wood and will be more durable than other half pallets on the current market, the European Pallet Association announced.

Half-pallet Design Uses Less Wood, Says European Standards GroupThe new EPAL half-pallet, made of wood and steel brackets, is capable of being accessed on all four sides by forklifts and other lifting equipment. The use of wood in the construction makes the pallet more sustainable than current half pallets on the market, EPAL officials said. Martin Leibrandt, EPAL CEO, criticized the current “Dusselfdorfer” half-pallet. Because those pallets do not require a license to build, he said there are numerous cheap versions on the market that do not stand up to rigorous use.

The new EPAL half pallet is 800 x 600 mm, half the size of an EPAL euro pallet. The load capacity of the EPAL half pallet is more than 500 kg, with a net weight of less than 10 kg. The seven upper edge boards as well as the six stringer and lower edge boards are 21 mm each. Six 3-mm thick steel angle brackets provide additional stability and protect the four-way pallet against damage in daily use.

"The new, four-way EPAL half-pallet is tailor made to meet the needs of the users and combines the flexibility of the half pallet with the advantages of the EPAL system,” Leibrandt said.

The EPAL half pallet can be exchanged without restrictions as part of the world's largest open pallet exchange pool.

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