GERMANSVILLE, PA - Grothouse Lumber Company has developed two new innovations using its woodworking technology — Synthesis Bar Rai carved from the wood countertopl and integrated wooden sink bowls in wood countertops.

Grothouse Lumber’s Synthesis Bar Rail offers a cohesive flowing grain, which provides a modern take on the Classic Chicago Bar Rail. The Chicago Style Synthesis rail is carved directly from the countertop surface. This answers the problem traditionally linked with classic Chicago Bar Rail, which traditionally was applied to the countertop as a detached piece.

Synthesis Bars are custom carved to the design specification, and Grothouse Lumber also offers a standard Chicago Bar rail shape. The solid carved rail is grain matched to the wood bar counter.

Grothhouse Lumber also developed bowls that can be carved into any wood type. The bowls provide a safe spot to keep items from rolling off the countertop and also can display an artful presentation such as a fruit bowl. In addition, the bowls can be made into a waterproof wood sink with Durata finish.

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