SAN PATRIGNANO, ITALY - From Italy, to the United States, a six-month road show is about to begin next week, featuring wood furniture made from reclaimed wine casks from the San Patrignano winery. Traveling through Boston, New York, Washington, Charleston, Miami, Houston, Chicago and Atlanta, the journey tells the story of a small portion of what happens every day in the San Patrignano community -- the largest in Europe, which has been welcoming young men and women with problems of drugs and social marginalization for 30 years.

Two activities of the community – excellent wine-making and a joiner’s workshop equipped with “Premium” machines by Scm Group in Rimini – resulted into a project called “Le botti rinascono a San Patrignano”. Using reclaimed casks where valuable San Patrignano wines have matured, the community created lamps, furniture, doors, toys, armchairs, chairs and small tables. The items were designed by about 30 famous designers, including Claudio Bellini, Luca Scacchetti, Pierluigi Cerri, Michele De Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, Terry Dwan, Elio Fiorucci, chef Gualtiero Marchesi, Karim Rashid, Matteo Thun, Aldo Spinelli, Angela Missoni, Paola Navone, Paolo Pininfarina and another chef, Marc Sadler.

Ideas and projects are shaped through the work of young people in the carpentry workshop at San Patrignano, which has always been equipped with Scm Group woodworking machinery. "We are honored to take part in this great adventure of San Patrignano and 'made in Italy' in the United States”, said Alfredo Aureli, general manager of Scm Group. “It’s an opportunity to testify our support and 30-year friendship with San Patrignano and their joiner’s workshop, where our machines are an established presence. But it is also a way to be close to the big and exciting world of design, to show what we believe in, our determination to provide tools that can turn a great idea into a great product. This is our mission: collaborate to make a dream, an idea come true. Improve life, make it more beautiful... a miracle that happens every day in San Patrignano! And I’m not talking just about furniture or wine, but people.”

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