Georgia Wood Chopsticks Firm Bankruptcy Winds Down  The case of Georgia Chopsticks, which entered bankruptcy despite exporting millions of U.S. made poplar chopsticks to eager buyers in China, nears an end as U.S. Court in Atlanta approved an accountant to handle residual tax issues.

The company first entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2012, converting to a Chapter 7 three months later - a move that would ultimately dissolve operations. One issue in the case turned on a million dollar check that didn't clear, according to the complaint from Top Holding Management Company,  Overland Park, KS.

The little-business-that-could had won media attention for its plucky idea: export a U.S. commodity finished into low cost goods that are competitive in China. For the wood industry the story carried  powerful possibilities - China, with limited forests, needs billions of disposable wood chopsticks. Rather than sell them logs, Georgia Chopsticks sold finished goods that are American Made.

A sale of assets, include more than three dozen pallets of finished chopsticks, yielded $56,000 last summer. Earlier this month the court appointed Joy R. Webster to handle residual tax filings. 

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