HIGH POINT, NC - New orders for U.S. residential furniture soared 15% in December 2011, compared to December 2010, according to accounting firm Smith Leonard PLLC.

Furniture orders climbed 8% for all of 2011 over 2010. 2010 orders were 4% greater than that of 2009. In addition, shipments increased 5% for all of 2011.

"The increase in orders over the last 10 months has been good news for many in the industry," according to Smith Leonard's February edition of Furniture Insights. "Unfortunately, not all of our participants have enjoyed this success as only 67 percent of the participants had increases in orders. On the other hand, another 16 percent of the participants were only off 5 percent or less, so overall we think 2011 was a nice year considering where we have been."






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