LAS VEGAS - Fuji Spray spray painting equipment showed off plenty of products at this year's AWFS Fair. Up for a Visionary award, the Fuji Spray's T-Series of spray guns have a side-mounted Pattern Control Knob which is used to adjust the size of the fan. The series is also 20% lighter than Fuji's previous spray gun models, according to the company.

Also shown were an updated noise reduction system the Q Quiet Turbine and Fuji's DIY PRO 2-stage systems. As the name suggests, the DIY PRO system is meant to be a light and easy spray system that even novices can get the hang of. All DIY PRO Series include the Fuji M-Model spray gun which has professional features such as Non-Bleed and a Fan Control Knob to adjust pattern size from small circular to wide.

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