Former Hickory Chair Exec Joins Chaddock Furniture Firm
March 6, 2014 | 10:56 am CST
Former Hickory Chair Exec Joins Chaddock Furniture Firm

Former Hickory Chair Exec Joins Chaddock Furniture FirmMORGANTON, NC - Former Hickory Chair President Jay Reardon has joined Chaddock as chairman of its executive committee and member of the board of directors.

Founded in April 2013, Chaddock is the result of a merger between residential furniture brands Ferguson Copeland Ltd and Guy Chaddock & Co. Products are manufactured domestically, in North Carolina. According to Home Furnishings Business, Reardon's position was newly created by Chaddock to take advantage of his experience, including lean manufacturing.

Reardon had worked at Hickory Chair for 32 years, and had served as its president since 1996. He left Hickory Chair, a Furniture Brands company, in November 2013 following the acquisition by Heritage Home of FBI's assets in a bankruptcy auction. In December 2013, Reardon opened consulting firm Reardon Advisors LLC.

“I saw that I could make a difference here and that my experience would be valuable,” Reardon told HFB and Furniture Today. “I so admired Chaddock’s mission: They invest in technology and in people. Everyone is in it for the long haul. I see in Chaddock what I had felt from the beginning of my career in this business; this is a both a personable and a profitable industry — business continues to grow and people matter.”

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