Forestry Certification in Central AfricaCAMEROON, CENTRAL AFRICA – African tropical timber supplier Rougier has obtained Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for three forest concessions located in the Mbang forest area in South East Cameroon, representing 285 667 hectares of forest.

The certification opens up new prospects for the Paris-based firm, including machined products  -- such as glued laminated finger-joints, decking, joists with CE marking, round sticks, finger-jointed solid blocks carrying KOMO certification -- from various species, notably ayous, sapele, tali, frake, okan, etc.

“Many years ago, Rougier entered into a voluntary process of certification in which the group invested heavily in order to enhance its productions on the international market," says CEO Francis Rougier. "Through our efforts in matters of certification, we wish to consolidate our positions on the developing markets for certified products. This approach allows us to set us apart from the competition and contributes to strengthening the Rougier image."

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