GLENDON BOROUGH, PA - Rehrig Pacific Logistics will open a plant to convert scrap wood pallets from its seven Pennsylvania warehouses into fiberboard. The project is expected to create  39 jobs within three years.

"There are currently no companies in the U.S. converting wood waste in this manner," said Rehrig Pacific Logistics' director of innovation and operations, Todd Rodewald, in announcing the plan. The facility will be producing a 100-percent recycled wood product for use in the furniture and construction industries.

Fiberboard Plant To Open in PennsylvaniaRehrig Pacific Logistics is a national logistics company that provides reusable packaging, supply chain analysis and reverse logistics. The company employs 125 workers at seven different locations in Pennsylvania, and has more than 800 employees nationwide. 

Rehrig Pacific Logistics says it recycles, repairs and sells nearly 1.3 million high-quality pallets per month culled from large retailers and distributors. 

State and local authorities provided Rehrig Pacific $767,550 from the Department of Community and Economic Development, including $750,000 from the Machine and Equipment Loan Fund and $17,550 in job training assistance. Rehrig entered a five-year lease and will renovate the 38,400-square-foot facility located in Glendon Borough, PA.

Rehrig, headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., provides reverse logistics, recycling and pallet management services from distribution centers and full-service, off-site facilities throughout the U.S. 

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