A  guest blog questioning the Forest Stewardship Council's recent "clarification on bamboo products" and the world's lightest table elicited comments from Woodworking Network readers.

In the mean time, early results are in to a Woodworking Network poll about the proposed Hardwood Checkoff Program.

Mke DiGuiro Flexible MaterialsBamboo: What a Revolting FSC Development Part III, is the third installment commenting on new FSC rules and procedures authored by Mike DiGiuro, who recently retired from his long-time post at Flexible Materials.

After reading DiGiuro's blog, David Short of New England was moved to write, "The concept of bamboo being 'green' is a joke to begin with. Produced by the world's leading polluter with a process requiring lots of energy & chemicals and then shipped half way around the world."

FSC-Certified Bamboo, 'World's Lightest Table,' Spark Comments Birch Plywood Used in Creation of 'World's Lightest Table,' posted by Woodworking Network Managing Editor Michaelle Bradford was one of the most popularly read items of the week. The posting includes a slide show of the table created by Benjamin Hubert usinig birch aircraft plywood. A video accompanying the article shows how the light plywood was made and concludes with a woman, right, demonstrating how light the table is by effortlessly lifting it over her head.

Said Jim of Georgia, "I think it would be even more amazing to see the girl standing on the table..."

WWN Poll Pie ChartHadwood Checkoff Promotion: Yea or Nay?
While more time is being given for interested parties to comment on the proposed Hardwood Lumber and Hardwood Plywood Promotion, Woodworking Network is asking readers to voice their opinion through our latest poll. Early returns show more readers responded no to the question: Are you in favor of the hardwood checkoff program that would raise funds to promote the value of wood products to consumers by adding a surcharge to hardwood lumber and hardwood plywood?

Check out the poll, cast your vote, post your comment and see the current results.


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