FOEX Launches Two Wood Chip Indices
June 6, 2014 | 2:29 pm CDT

HELSINKI  - Tracking overseas trading of softwood chips and hardwood chips got a little bit easier with the launch of Softwood Chip Global and Hardwood Chip Global.

FOEX Launches Two Wood Chip Indices The indices are part of the PIX index family of FOEX, which specializes in wood industry indices. They were launched in cooperation with Wood Resources International (WRI), a Seattle-based forest industry consulting firm which publishes The Wood Resource Quarterly.

The new indices represent prices for wood chips traded globally overseas for the manufacturing of wood pulp and wood-based panels. They will be reported on the third Tuesday of each month on the FOEX website.

According to the latest reports, softwood chip prices are up 5.18 percent from the previous month, while hardwood chip prices dipped 2.15 percent.

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