SAN ANTONIO, TX – First Nation Cabinets has been formed by Miami Nation Enterprises, the investment arm of the Miami Tribe based in Oklahoma, to form a large scale kitchen cabinet operation with the former owner of Cardell Cabinetry. 

The Miami tribal group had previously acquired Z Cabinetry, a large volume wholesale cabinet firm in San Antonio, TX. It has since partnered with ex-Cardell Cabinetry owner B.J. Tidwell to operate the existing kitchen cabinetry plant. Tidwell's return to the kitchen cabinet business was reported May 6 by Michaelle Bradford. Z Cabinetry boasts a large scale and very automated operation. It primarily supplies new construction builders and large multi-unit remodelers.

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Cardell Cabinetry, also based in San Antonio, was acquired by Tidwell in 1977, with H.I.G. Capital acquiring a significant equity stake in the company in 2010. In September 2013, Cardell Cabinetry closed without warning, eliminating 900 positions at one of the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturing plants. Some $20 million in inventory along with all machinery from Cardell Cabinetry's 900,000 sq.ft. plant was auctioned a few months later at the San Antonio, TX plant. 

The Cardell Cabinetry brand and B.J. Tidwell, closely identified with it, continues to have strong equitry among the large builders that are customers. The Cardell Cabinetry brand was acquired by Masco, and was relaunched in 2014.

First Nation Cabinets retained branding agency Blu20 in Joplin, MO, to brand BJ Tidell Cabinetry with "a brand identity that was eye-catching and modern while making the most of their team’s considerable history within the industry. We needed to communicate that this was an exciting new company with the knowledge and dependability of an old company," says Blu20.

"We sought to preserve the dignity, history, and legacy of the client's brand while embracing the present and future with clean, modern design sensibilities that would set the client apart from their competitors."

Blue20 says the logo initials suggest a cabinet door; hard lines present stability, while non-static angles evoke motion. A classic serif font was chosen to represent the timeless quality of the brand. "These elements combine to serve a dignified brand in a fresh chapter of its history."

Because BJ Tidwell already possess name recognition, brand equity, and an enduring positive reputation, "There is a rare opportunity to expand upon the foundation that has been laid. Messaging will focus on heritage, legacy, continuous excellenc [and] distinguished history."

As chief executive, Tidwell's eye for process optimization and pioneering production strategy is known to customers for his record of delivering high-quality craftsmanship, at a large scale, while improving the efficiency of his team, the company says. "Now this iconic figure and his expert team are returning to the industry they redefined."

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