HIGHLAND PARK, IL - Craftwood Lumber Company brought Interline Brands to its knees. Interline, based in Jacksonville, FL, sells hardware and building contractor supplies and, apparently, uses unsolicited fax as part of its marketing. Craftwood Lumber says it opted out of the national Do Not Call list, and under similar rules for faxes, were a violation of the rules.

Craftwood Lumber sued Interline in 2011, in what eventually became a class action suit seeking $40 million in damages.

Craftwood Lumber alleged Interline Brands, Inc. violated the Telephone Consumer Protective Act of 1999, by sending at least 1,500 advertisements in at least 735,000 facsimile transmissions around the country, some of them to Craftwood.

Interline revealed in an SEC filing that it has settled the class action suit, recording more than $20 million in "litigation charges" in its latest quarter.

Craftwood, meanwhile, launched two other suits in September, seeking $1 million each from Senco and from Seaboard International Forest Products for their fax sales efforts. 

Interline Brands owns Hardware Express, which sells to customers via an 18,000 item catalog, an e-commerce site, direct mail marketing, dedicated inside sales and limited field sales. Interline says it agreed to settle to avoid protracted litigation.

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