WASHINGTON - A federal court ruled last week that employers must post notices that inform workers of their right to join a union.

Court Backs Union Posting RuleThe decision upheld a rule implemented by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), that had been contested in a lawsuits filed by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Independent Business. In its lawsuit, NAM argued that the NLRB  had argued that the NLRB did not have the authority to issue the mandate.

The NLRB's union poster rule was originally scheduled to take effect Nov. 14, 2011 and then was pushed back to Jan. 31. The lawsuits furhter delayed the rule's start date, which has now been set at April 30. Effective then, an estimated 6 million businesses will be required to display an 11-inch by 17-inch poster created by NLRB explaining a worker’s right to bargain collectively, distribute union literature and engage in other types of union activities without reprisal from management. In some cases, employers also will be required to post unionization rights online.

The court did rule in favor the complainants in ruling that companies failing to display the poster will not automatically be considered in violation of fair labor practices.

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