WOBURN, MA - Arborjet, a company focused on developing "effective and environmentally sound formulations and equipment" for combating the emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle and other tree-killing insects, claims its products helped save some 350,000 trees in the United States last year.

Arborjet notes that the EAB has destroyed more than 30 million ash trees since arriving to the U.S.

Arborjet said its formulations were injected into the trunks of about 350,000 trees in more than 65 U.S. cities, protecting them from insect attack. The company estimates that the trees are valued at $252 million in tree removal and replacement costs.

Arborjet is injected directly into a tree's vascular system. The company said it offers an injectable treatment that can protect trees against 25 different insect species for up to two years and can stop damage if a tree is currently under attack.

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