WASHINGTON - A combustible dust video produced by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) received a Silver Peer Award from the Television, Internet and Video Association of D.C. (TIVA) for safety videos released in 2012.

ComDust Video Earns Silver Award for Chemical Safety BoardThe video, "Iron in the Fire," focuses on the three combustible dust flash fires that occurred over a six-month period in 2011 at the Hoeganaes Corporation's powdered-iron facility in Gallatin, TN. Combined, the fires resulted in the deaths of five workers.

The 14-minute video inlcudes computer animated reenactments of each of the three ComDust ignitions. It also includes a summary of the CSB's investigation of each of the accidents and points out problems that existed at the Hoeganaes plant, including inadequate dust collectors and house keeping measures.

"Iron in the Fire" was one of three videos that earned CSB Peer Awards. The federal safety investigation agency also won bronze awards for "Hot Works: Hidden Hazards," about a fatal flammable vapor fire at DuPont's chemical facility near Buffalo, NY; and "Experimenting with Danger," about lab accidents at Texas Tech University, UCLA and Dartmouth College.

CSB Chairperson Moure-Eraso said, “Since beginning the video program in 2005, we have been told by hundreds of company safety officials, executives, independent training companies and others – worldwide - that the videos are being used to prevent accidents and save lives. The videos tell a compelling story of our investigations, making them accessible and transparent to the public. Recognition by peers in the video business confirms that we are achieving our goals of quality production and effective communication.”

Watch "Iron in the Fire" video.

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