GUANGZHOU, CHINA - Improving wood finishing techniques for simulating antique colors and finishes is the goal of a contest by Luckywind Handicrafts. The Guangzhou, China furniture maker specializes in antique-style custom furniture projects often using reclaimed wood.

Luckywind Handicrafts Company Ltd. says it has conducted advanced research in material choice, color matching and design innovation, spending $500,000 annually in antique color and wood refinishing research. The European country-style home furnishing products it produces, including custom-made according to buyers' requirements.

The contest, launched in April, brings 10 world-class rural artists and colorists to present various kinds of color swatches. Their work will be evaluated by 350 professional home furnishings buyers from around the world, serving as a "Scene Appraisal Commmittee."

The theme of the contest, "Appreciating creative antique colors and demonstrating the variety of household styles," is supposed to reflect the typical antique home furnishing colors of different eras, and show the integral effect on furnishings coloration to the judges in the form of antique-imitation color swatches.

Luckywind Handicrafts says it does between $5 million nd $10 million in annual sales, to customers like Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, Schneider, Maisons du Monde, Wisteria, and Creative Coops.

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