SAN DIEGO - -TV lift cabinet manufacturer Cabinet-Tronix says it has formed We.Hub, a commercial furniture division.

Founded in 2002, Cabinet-Tronix developed TV lift-cabinet systems through its unique design concepts and telescoping lift systems. Based in San Diego, Cabinet-Tronix develops and manufacturers automated  modern TV lift furniture, traditional pop-up TV cabinets, and custom TV lift cabinets. Pricing begins beings around $4,500 for the casegoods, which hide plasma or LCD televisions in a seamlessly hidden slot.

Cabinet-Tronix says it has delivered thousands of units and has provided TV lift systems within custom cabinetry to nearly 100 hotels and casinos, including the Caesars Palace and over 540 pieces for The Signature MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 

Cabinet-Tronix says it has delivered over 2,500 units, and offers in stock modern and traditional models.

“The reaction of corporate, university and conference center facility managers to the preview of our breakthrough furniture line has been enthusiastic," says Trace McCullough, founder and CEO, "particularly to how We.Hub allows them to move to beyond the traditional conference room and connect people wherever and whenever they want to work.” 

Cabinet-Tronix says its formal launch to office furniture dealers, commercial architects and audio-visual engineers will take place this month, but it has already shipped initial We.Hub units to corporate and university sites in the Southern California market. 

We.Hub’s enhanced connectivity allows any Wi-Fi enabled device to connect and screen share with up to four others in real time. “We have poured over a decade’s worth of interior design, audio-visual and tech experience into its launch," says McCullough.

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