Cabinetmaker Precision Pattern Interiors, a subsidiary of Goodrich Corp., won a $1.1M breach-of-contract suit against BaySys Technologies, manufacturer of private jet aircrafts, in a decision handed down by the U.S. District Court of Eastern Virginia in Norfolk, Friday, July 20.

Precision had been contracted to supply cabinetry for the Saudi royal family’s Airbus A340-200 private jet. The products to be renovated “included all of the interior cabinets, partitions, doors, closets, lavatories (including showers), bulkheads, tables, cocoons containing fully-reclining seats, sideledges, decorative panels and desks,” according to court documents.

BaySys claimed that this work was defective — “deficiencies included gouges in trim, debris under the finish, surface discoloration, scratches, dimples, and of particular significance, a hazy or cloudy appearance interfering with the specified high gloss finish.” The company also claimed that the project failed to meet deadlines and resulted in significant penalties for the company, and that it had to hire substitute cabinetmakers as well as pay overtime for its workers to finish the project.

As a result, BaySys says in court documents that it felt it was "relieved of any obligation to pay Goodrich" the remaining invoice balance.

The jury found, however, that Goodrich had proven by a "preponderance of the evidence" that BaySys had breached its contract, awarding $1,129,055.20 in damages and dismissing BaySys' counterclaims.

Precision Pattern Interiors was founded in 1952 and employs more than 700 workers. The company specializes in providing hardwood and veneer cabinetry for custom aircraft cabins.

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